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Some years ago, a group of American journalists came to Bistrita and asked about the „Golden Crown” Hotel and the Bargau Pass. The cultural manager of the town, having read Stoker’s book, understood exactly what the visitors were looking for. Thus the „Golden Crown”, Hotel came to be, where Jonathan Harker is said to have stayed in Bistrita.


Located in the center of Bistrita, the Golden Crown hotel was inaugurated on April 30, 1974 in Bistrita, and it was by far the most representative hotel of the town. In that year, the first group of British tourists, members of the Transylvania Society in London, were the pioneers of Dracula inspired tourism (Alexander Misiuga, Baron of the Dracula House); they arrived at the Golden Crown hotel, the first objective described in the novel Dracula.


Today, the hotel houses the Jonathan Harker lounge "unique in the world, opened on the occasion of the centenary of the famous novel of fiction, Dracula"; this lounge carries the name of the main character in the novel. With a presence on the market of over 38 years, the Golden Crown Hotel is a famous location, close to the main public institutions and the most important tourist attractions, and it offers all the comfort and services you expect.


The Golden Crown Hotel has benefited from a major renovation completed at the end of 2013, becoming today a 4 star hotel. The hotel offers to all those who pass the threshold facilities worth noting. Our team makes permanent efforts to adapt to the tendencies and requirements of the clients, by offering the best accommodation conditions for an unforgettable stay. With an impressive building from an architectural point of view, the hotel is the perfect choice whether you are on a business trip or on vacation.

dracula bram stoker

Count Dracula had indicated the Golden Crown hotel, which to my great joy was a genuine old building because, naturally, I wanted to see and know what was specific to the country. Obviously I was expected, because when I got there I was greeted by an old woman, cheerful in appearance, dressed in her national costume, with a white blouse and a coloured fota, a little too adjusted to the body. She bowed and asked, ``Are you the gentleman from England? ```` Yes, I said, Jonathan Harker.`` She smiled and whispered something an old man in white shirt that had entered the room. He returned with a letter: Friend - Welcome to the Carpathians! I am looking forward to seeing you. Take a good sleep tonight. Tomorrow at three in the afternoon, the diligence leaves for Bucovina; I booked a place for you. My carriage will await you in Bargaului Pass, to bring you here. I trust that the journey from London went well and that you will enjoy staying in my beautiful country . Your friend, Dracula.

Bram Soker - Dracula